Our sports-specific approach focuses on exercises and movement tailored to each athletic activity.

Rebound’s Elite Sports Conditioning provides a superior level of expertise based upon:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Injury Prevention
  • Physical Rehabilitation

On-Site Locations
Time is precious, so our staff can go to you! We condition with your group or team, at your fields and facilities, during your practice time.

Elite Sports Conditioning Program

These programs can be tailored to sport specific, individual, and team needs.

  • 90 minute sessions of intensive training and education
  • Dynamic warm-ups
  • Core Stability
  • Power Development
  • Speed/Agility Training
  • Flexibility and Balance

Analysis will be with the coach or individual to determine the strengths, weaknesses and provide them with tools for interventions.

*Packages available as well